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Filters? Air Purifiers? How Do You Choose?

Look, we all wish we had the kind of budget that lets us buy one of everything. Indoor air quality services would be a lot easier if we could take a “Noah’s Ark” approach and just buy a little bit of every product in order to make our homes feel more comfortable and safer. The only problem is that money doesn’t grow on trees and we need to work with that.

Today, we’re going to talk about the different kinds of HVAC services in Cocoa Beach, FL that relate to your indoor air quality. Perhaps you’re the kind of homeowner, like many in our area, who can only afford to purchase one major upgrade. What do you choose?

That’s a complicated question with a complicated answer—but we can help you with it. Just keep reading as we get into the differences between air purifiers and air filters, and which one is going to keep you healthy and happy.

Stuffy, Detestable Air

How do you feel when you take a deep breath? If you’re struggling to keep that air in your lungs because it’s riddled with dust, dirt, hair, pet dander, pollen, or all sorts of other particles, then an air filter might be the necessary next step. We usually push homeowners who are new to the indoor air quality field toward air filters, because they are a wonderful way to keep your basic air clean.

Sure, an air filter won’t get at the microscopic organisms that plague your indoor air—but they’ll get everything else. From volatile organic compounds to dust and debris, you’ll feel a lot better breathing in air with fewer contaminants in it. If an air filter doesn’t quite get you to where you need, then your air was probably already clean of these kinds of contaminants to begin with.

Unhealthy Air

So, let’s say your air is clear of dust, debris, pet dander, and other large contaminating particles in the air. Now what? Well, if you’re still often getting sick, feeling fatigued, or dealing with constant sneezing, coughing, fevers, and other problems—you could have a much more sinister problem on your hand.

Germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores can be cycled through an HVAC system multiple times in a single day. That’s because there’s nothing to purify your air and eliminate them once and for all!

Thankfully, an air purifier can get at those root problems and exterminate them. We offer both ionization air purifiers as well as ultraviolet light purifiers that can sterilize the air you breathe by killing microorganisms that seek to cause you harm.

Humidity Help

What if none of these answers got to the root of your indoor air quality problem? Perhaps you’re in need of something that’s related to humidity? Well, it might not be an air purifier or an air filter, but we can still help you. Our team provides comprehensive dehumidifier support, and we can get to the bottom of what humidity woes you’re dealing with.

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