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Indoor Air Quality Services in Melbourne, FL

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Complete Air & Heat, Inc does more than help our customers in Melbourne, FL heat and cool their homes. We understand how important indoor air quality (IAQ) is for health and comfort. We offer an extensive range of IAQ services that can revolutionize the quality of the air in your house.

  • In business for more than 45 years
  • We offer a 12-year parts and labor warranty on new equipment—one of the best warranties in the area!
  • Our technicians are NATE-certified, drug-tested, and continually trained

Our indoor air quality services include air filtration systems, air purification systems, and work to repair and replace the ductwork that plays such a vital role in household air circulation. We can help you find the best methods to improve your home’s air quality and then get the job done right.

Arrange for your IAQ service with the team that’s been “Making families on the Space Coast happy since 1975!”


You Can Count on Us for All Your Indoor Air Quality Services

Our indoor air quality professionals install and service a variety of indoor air quality systems. We offer the following services:

  • Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers: These systems are installed directly into your ductwork to trap and remove contaminants from your indoor air.
  • Duct Sealing: Breaches in your ductwork system can allow all sorts of contaminants into your indoor air. These services aim to ensure that your ducts are properly sealed.
  • Duct Repair and Replacement: There will come a time when your ducts need repair or replacement. If now is the time, you can contact our team.

Finding the Right Indoor Air Quality System

When the time comes to figure out your indoor air quality needs, our team will thoroughly assess your indoor air in order to make the right recommendations. We might suggest an air filter if your home is particularly dusty, or an air purifier for improving the health of your family.

In any case, we will be able to match you with the right combination of systems to give you the comfort you deserve.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Improving your indoor air quality will benefit you in several ways. Here’s how:

  • Efficiency: Dirt, dust, and other indoor air contaminants can put a lot of strain on your HVAC systems. By eliminating these contaminants from your indoor air, you are bound to see lower energy bills and better system performance.
  • Comfort: Better heating and cooling performance means better comfort. Plus, when there are no longer contaminants in your indoor air, you can bet that you’ll breath much easier!
  • Health: Dust, allergens, and bacteria can certainly impact your health and overall well-being. But, with the right systems in place, you won’t have to worry about sneezing and coughing all season long.

Come to Us for It All – Schedule Indoor Air Quality Services Today!

If you are looking for ways to improve your indoor air quality, do not hesitate to contact the team at Complete Air & Heat, Inc! Click or call today to get started.

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