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Charlene Delanoy, This month

Always available in a reasonable amount of time

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Jim Falvey, This month

Living in Satellite Beach, Fl., there is not much need for heat. We probably use our heating system two weeks out of the year. Of course the first time I needed a little heat this year was on a Saturday morning, Christmas Eve! Once I realized that our vent was only blowing air (no heat), I called a couple of AC/Heat businesses before calling Complete Air & Heat. I was told that I would just have to manage and maybe Monday they could come to the house. I then called Complete Air & Heat and spoke to the receptionist. I was told that someone would call me back. Within 10 minutes, I received a call from Garrett. He was very sympathetic with my situation and said he could be at the house within 2 hours. He also let me know up front that the cost would be much more because of the holiday weekend. Upon his arrival, he determined within minutes that the previous installer didn't hook up my emergency heating. He quickly rectified the wiring and said he can return next week to work on the heating pump. Garrett did return the following week and, within 10 minutes, fixed the heating pump problem. It was again, improper wiring done by the previous installer. There was no charge on the second visit. Garrett was extremely competent and now I know that if I need the Calvary, I call Complete Air & Heat.

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Donald R. DePalma, Last month

Even without an emergency got next day service. Did a complete exam and cleaned the entire system in and out.

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Scott S, Last month

Moved in in June and wanted everything inspected and serviced. We appreciate the responsiveness and the system insight and expertise. They were on the ball scheduling our periodic maintenance and service was outstanding.

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Phil Weddle, Last month

Garrett was very thorough, professional and efficient; always provides good advice and reminders for routine maintenance

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joseph plemons, Last month

Great service

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Patty Storz, Last month

We recently had Seamus in for maintenance check up . He was on time , professional & personable. He had answers to all questions. This company has been a pleasure for several years. No regrets!

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Joanne Bond, Last month

Great service from the Garrett and the team.

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Robert Harper, Last month

Complete Air responded to my call immediately after Nicole knocked out our rooftop condenser. Solved the problem immediately. No charge because warranty covered it.

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roy pinette, Last month

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