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Charles O.'s Profile Image
Charles O.

I am an Engineer, so when I see a tech working I like to evaluate. The tech that worked on my AC knew what he was doing. A job well done. Thank you.

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Steve F.

Once again Complete Air & Heat has done an outstanding service for me. Levi showed up on time and got the job completed in the most professional manor, installing the hard start capacitor and relay kit. He was very personable, informative, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He also praised Complete Air & Heat for being such a good employer, something you don't often hear at any company when management is not around. Keep up the good work.

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Jan Cawley, This week

Great service, have used for over 10 years, always a real person who answers phone, and they know who you are and always help.

Maria Lalonde's Profile Image
Maria Lalonde, This week

Complete is always there for me when I need a repair on my AC unit.

JL Mo's Profile Image
JL Mo, This week

We used Complete Air & Heat for our ancient HVAC. But, it needed to be replaced. This wonderful company performed the task with expertise, cost efficiency, and professionalism. We have since kept them for our HVAC maintenance needs. Thanks for a job (very) well done.

Susan Marshall's Profile Image
Susan Marshall, Last week

I have used Complete
Air and heat numerous times
Over the years and will continue
To do do. Great company!

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Sammy Deek, Last week
Jack Strickland's Profile Image
Jack Strickland, This month

The smart thermostat had become unresponsive apparently due to an electrical brownout or surge. I had been able to reset it by recycling circuit breakers, the technician thoroughly checked the thermostat to ensure it was operating correctly.

Leeyo6's Profile Image
Leeyo6, This month

After getting many quotes I found them to give good features for the money and they stand by their product more than any others that I got quotes from. Excellent customer service every step of the way. The price was straight forward and exactly what they quoted.

Mario Amaral's Profile Image
Mario Amaral, This month

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