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Debi Healy's Profile Image
Debi Healy, Last month

Enough can't be said for the timely response and professional courtesy afforded me.

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Henrietta A. Bartunek, Last month

Prompt quality service for many years

Scott Brasington's Profile Image
Scott Brasington, Last month
The Stephan Family's Profile Image
The Stephan Family, Last month
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Jose Mendez, Last month
Colleen Preston's Profile Image
Colleen Preston, Last month

Garret recently came out and did my annual service. He was fantastic! So thorough! Really cleaned the coils, checked every possible thing on the A/C unit, cleaned out the drain pipe and made sure it was flowing into the yard, and adjusted the way the unit runs to maximize getting the humidity out given I keep the house at higher temperatures than many. Can't say enough good things about Complete Air and Heat. I've had my unit A/C and heat for almost four years now and have never had a problem other than the drain pipe clogging up. Now that I do monthly vinegar and hot water down the pipe as they instructed, everything is great.

Suzanne Harper's Profile Image
Suzanne Harper, Last month
Brady Stalter's Profile Image
Brady Stalter, Last month

Very knowledgeable and professional technicians and their service is a good value.

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Doris Floyd, Last month

They are always professional and very pleasant to work with.

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Sandra Huggins

Very Happy with your service. Very long time customer!!!!!

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