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Air Filtration Systems & Purifiers in Melbourne, FL

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The air in your home may be filled with dust, pollen, dander, allergens, volatile organic compounds, smoke, and other airborne contaminants. At Complete Air & Heat, Inc, we want to help you eliminate these pollutants with the assistance of professionally chosen and installed air filters and air purifiers. We stand out among other Melbourne, FL contractors:

  • We’ve been business for more than 45 years
  • We offer a 12-year parts and labor warranty on new equipment—one of the best warranties in the area!
  • Our technicians are NATE-certified, drug-tested, and continually trained

Whether you need powerful air filters in your HVAC system or you need to target specific types of contaminants with a UV air purifier, you can depend on our professionalism, experience, and training to find the right solution for your home.

Schedule your indoor air quality services with us. Making families on the Space Coast happy since 1975!


Air Filters and Air Purifiers: Which One Do I Need?

Despite what many homeowners think, air filters and air purifiers are not one and the same. That’s why it’s important that we determine exactly which contaminants are in your indoor air. From there, we will be able to match you with the system that best meets your needs:

  • Air Filtration Systems: These systems use a fibrous mesh filter to trap indoor air contaminants as they pass through your ductwork system. These filters work best for larger contaminants, like dirt and debris.
  • Air Purifiers: These systems are used to ionize and collect the contaminants that are too small for an air filter to effectively trap.
  • UV Air Purifiers: These air purifiers use UV light to kill biological contaminants, like germs and bacteria.

You Need a Whole-House Indoor Air Quality Solution

Sure, you may have seen portable air filtration system and air purifiers for sale in your local pharmacy or home goods store. However, these systems simply do not have the capacity to treat the entirety of your indoor air. For the best results, you need to have a whole-house air filtration system or whole-house air purifier installed in your home.

Whole-house systems are installed directly into the ductwork of your HVAC systems in an effort to eliminate contaminants from the entirety of your indoor air. We use only the best air purification and filtrations systems available, including REME-HALO® and Patriot UV light products.

Count on Us to Install and Service Your HVAC System

Our friendly and NATE-certified technicians will expertly install your new air filtration system or air purifier to ensure that it is efficient and effective for years to come. And in addition to installation, we offer replacement, repair, and maintenance services, so no matter what happens to your system, we’ve got your back.

So, if you are concerned with indoor air contaminants, do not hesitate to contact our team. Click or call today to get started.

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