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Bad Ducts Are No Joke

Ductwork might seem like a small part of your overall HVAC system, but in reality, that’s not really the case. An air duct on the outside might just seem like a few pieces of sheet metal put together to form a tube or a prism, but inside all the heated or cooled air is traveling through it quickly in order to reach the rooms of your home. Your thermostat depends on these pathways so that the temperature can change and it can finally register as the temperature you set.

If your ducts encounter problems, which can be anything from a small leak to a major gap, the AC won’t necessarily recognize that there’s a problem. The ducts will continue to leak air as the system pushes and pushes to try and reach your thermostat’s temperature setting. Eventually, you could see a high energy bill, an uncomfortable house, or even a broken-down AC! So, let’s get into the reasons why HVAC duct repair in Palm Bay, FL is no joke!

Lower Comfort Levels

If your air ducts are in rough shape, then your home is going to be uncomfortable. There’s really no way around this.

Air conditioning systems aren’t magic, they’re machines. They work to produce cool air that then gets distributed throughout your home via the air ducts. So, if the ducts are leaking or have gaps in them, the air is going to leak out and not go to the places you want it to be.

The result is usually an uncomfortable home. Certain areas of your house might be 10 degrees above where the thermostat is set and you might have house guests subconsciously avoid those areas due to the heat. This can be a big problem, and it’s a good reason alone to invest in duct repairs.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Even if your home is comfortable throughout all of it, you still don’t want to pay more than you have to each year. Air ducts that are leaking will cost more money to use than ducts that are airtight.

Think about it, so much cool air is going to leak from your air ducts during the summer and your HVAC system is still going to have to keep churning to create more of it. It’s a very inefficient system that you’ll end up paying the bill for every month.

Do yourself a favor and get your ducts fixed to avoid this outcome.

Room for Critters and Contaminants

Sometimes the question isn’t what’s leaking out of your air ducts, but rather what’s leaking in. Gaps, tears, holes, and leaks in air ducts can be the perfect places for contaminants and even critters to sneak their way in.

Critters can come in all shapes and sizes, from insects to furry mammals that just want to be comfortable and set up a nest. And contaminants can be anything from bacteria to mold, and even dust that can cake itself up in your air ducts and inhibit the flow of fresh air.

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