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5 Reasons to Get an Air Purifier

If air purifiers were free, every home in this country would likely have one. The fact that they cost a hefty sum of money means they need to be worth the investment. Some homeowners can deal with their stuffy, unhealthy air, and others waste their conditioned air by opening a window and getting uncomfortable. Fortunately, the benefits that come with an air purifier make these systems worth every penny.

Sure, you might know the obvious things about air purifiers in Merritt Island, FL. You probably know that they eliminate germs and make a home safer, but do you know what germs they eliminate and how it makes your home safer? That’s what this blog post is for.

We’re going to go into the details about how an air purifier can help your home. Through these five points, we’ll make the case that they’re worth the investment.

1. They Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria

The first and most important aspect of an air purifier, especially a UV air purifier, is that they eliminate viruses and bacteria. More specifically, they irradiate them, which means they do damage to the nucleus of single-celled organisms that pass through the system. This destroys the cell’s DNA and makes it impossible for a virus or bacteria to reproduce.

Without the reproduction function, viruses and bacteria cells become harmless and can be soon cleaned up and tossed away through regular cleaning. This makes your home much safer and improves your quality of life drastically.

2. They Stop Mold Spores

We decided to put mold in its own category because of how different it acts in a home. Not only is mold a contaminant that can make you sick when you breathe in the spores, but it can grow and damage your home’s structure and furniture. Mold spores are sent throughout your home to start new mold colonies in dark, damp areas. The more mold spores there are, the more you might see some expensive work in your future when they find a good place to grow.

A UV air purifier eliminates mold spores that pass through your HVAC system, meaning you won’t have to deal with mold growths, as well as the spores.

3. They Eliminate Foul Odors

Odors are often permeated through a home because there are harmful contaminants in the air. When an air purifier eliminates these contaminants, it can usually improve the overall scent of an entire home. This is great if you like to host people, or if you’re sick and tired of the stuffy nature of your air.

4. They Reduce Allergens

Some people are extremely allergic to certain contaminants that exist in the air. A UV air purifier can reduce these allergens by eliminating all single-celled organisms that travel through your HVAC system. This means that people with sensitive respiratory systems and asthma can comfortably spend time in your home.

5. They Improve the Value of Your Home

An air purifier will increase the value of your home, especially as people become more conscious of how viruses and bacterial infections spread. UV air purifiers are proven to combat viruses and bacteria, meaning they’re a great tool and a wonderful selling point if you’re putting your home on the market.

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