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3 Amazing Indoor Air Quality Machines We Can Provide

Air quality should be a field that everyone’s a little more familiar with after the last year. Whether it’s viruses, bacteria, mold spores, or dust, there are things in your air that need to be removed. It doesn’t matter how frequently you vacuum or how delicately you dust, you’re never going to remove these particles from the air because they’re invisible to the naked eye and get circulated through your HVAC system.

The only proven way to remove contaminants is with one of our indoor air quality systems that specifically target these contaminants and remove them. We offer these kinds of Palm Bay HVAC installations because homeowners are constantly in need of safer, cleaner air—and we can provide that.

Keep reading to pinpoint the system that could be right for your home and the additional benefits that come with it.

1. The Air Purifier

Air purifiers are simple and effective. UV air purifiers, or other types of similar systems, eliminate germs that exist in the air of your home. Without an air purifier, those germs would most likely circulate through your HVAC system in a never-ending cycle until you either get sick or it luckily finds its way outdoors.

Air purifiers fix the problem at its source. These UV germicidal lights can be mounted in your air ducts so they’re out of sight. Then, the UV light irradiates the virus, bacteria, or mold spores, to inhibit the cell’s ability to reproduce. This basically renders the particle harmless and lifeless, allowing it to be cleaned up later with no risk to you or any guests in your home.

2. The Air Filtration System

Air filters function a bit differently from air purifiers, but they’re still just as important. Air purifiers don’t discriminate between organisms that are alive and particles that are dead, like dust or dirt. Air filters are thin membranes that collect indoor contaminants based on size. So, depending on how thick your air filter is, it will catch different types of contaminants from the largest particles like dust to the smallest like mold spores and even germs.

Air filters are great because they reduce the amount of allergens in the air, like pet dander and dust. People with sensitive respiratory systems, or asthma, can rest easy in your home knowing that your air is filtered and the things that trigger their asthma attacks just don’t exist.

3. The Dehumidifier

Unfortunately, moisture plays a large role in contaminating our homes with particles that can harm us. Mold requires moisture to grow, and if humidity levels are out of wack, then you can get air that’s inundated with mold spores and other contaminants.

This is especially true in Palm Bay, since humidity levels can be pretty high in tropical conditions. Not only will a dehumidifier remove the moisture and stop mold growth in its tracks, but it will also ease the burden on your air conditioner so that you can feel comfortable for a cheaper price.

Don’t hesitate to call Complete Air & Heat, Inc. for indoor air quality systems like these. Making families happy on the Space Coast since 1975.

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