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3 Things to Remember When Installing a Heat Pump

Well, we don’t mean if you’re installing the heat pump. If a novice is going to install a system like this, there are probably a thousand things to remember. This is why we never recommend setting up a heat pump on your own. However, even when a professional is setting up your heat pump for the year, there are still several things we think are important to consider.

Heat pumps are versatile systems. They work for the entire year providing comfort, and they tend to be underused by homeowners who don’t exactly know enough about them. In light of this, we’re trying to inform homeowners in our area as much as possible about these wonderful systems. So, if you’re getting a heat pump installation soon and you stumbled on this blog, then it’s your lucky day!

Let’s get into three important things to remember about your newly installed heat pump. We also hope you’ll also remember to call us when you need help!

1. The Reversing Switch

This is probably the most important thing we want homeowners to know before they get their heat pump installed. A heat pump system is both a heating and cooling unit for your home. It will work throughout the year at the flip of a switch, which means you should never have to worry about your home being the wrong temperature because you only have an “air conditioner.” Likewise, just because it’s called a “heat” pump, doesn’t mean it only heats your home! Keep this in mind going forward.

However, if your heat pump physically won’t switch from heating to cooling mode or vice versa, then there’s something wrong that needs to be fixed. Heat pump reversal valves can get stuck or malfunction, which requires fast repair by a professional. Don’t sit for a second in your home believing that your heat pump is now only a heating or cooling system, it should always be both. If it’s not, you’re wasting a lot of money and you’ll be uncomfortable!

2. It’s a Refrigerant-Based System

Firstly, we’d like to get this out of the way. Your heat pump doesn’t run on refrigerant like a furnace runs on gas. Your heat pump uses refrigerant, but the amount of refrigerant it is installed with is the exact amount of refrigerant it will end up with at the end of its lifespan (hopefully). So, keep this in mind when you think your heat pump needs a recharge of refrigerant, since this will only be necessary if you’re struggling with a leak.

3. Pay Attention to the Cycles

A lot of the time, we give blog posts that talk to homeowners about signs that an air conditioner is having trouble. Luckily, these tips might also apply to a heat pump since heat pumps work similarly to central air conditioners.

If your heat pump is running in long, extended cycles and rarely ever shuts off, then that’s a problem. Likewise, if your heat pump is running in short cycles that seem to cause stress, that’s also a problem. Bubbling and hissing noises, grinding noises, and anything else that would be a problem in an air conditioner is probably a problem in your heat pump.

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