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What’s Wrong With Your AC?

It’s such a classic question that we couldn’t help but write about it in our blog. Typically, you’ll find concise topics about different AC problems or PSA posts about refrigerant and certain scientific facts about air conditioners. But often times that’s just not what customers are dealing with. Many people have problems with their air conditioners that they’re not quite sure about.

Is this strange sound an issue? Or perhaps you’ve got a problem with your home that is inhibiting your AC’s ability to provide you with cool air? The answer might be complex but it’s still diagnosable. That’s always the first step when you call us for AC repair in Palm Bay, FL.

So, let’s take a journey into the mind of a struggling customer who might be dealing with an AC issue. We’ll break down the different types of air conditioning problems, and tell you why calling for professional help is usually the best choice of action.

It’s Making a Strange Sound

An air conditioner is supposed to work gently and powerfully from behind the scenes. In fact, if you can hear anything other than the gentle “whirr” of the fan, then something is definitely wrong.

Different sounds mean different things (you can check one of our other blogs for a more in-detail breakdown of what these noises signify), but almost all of these problems require professional support.

So, if your system is making a loud, uncomfortable, or new noise, then call our team and schedule repairs ASAP.

There’s a Bad Smell Coming From It

This can be a tricky problem to locate since customers sometimes assume the smell isn’t coming from their AC. In fact, the source of a “dirty sock smell” can originate in your air conditioner for the following reason.

As the AC works, it also removes humidity from the air as a byproduct. This humidity is turned from a gas to a liquid and drips down the coils into a condensate drain. This drain is supposed to empty out but sometimes it can get clogged up.

Eventually, mold can form in this condensate line and it can taint the smell of your AC’s conditioned air. Be sure to get this problem fixed.

It’s Not Meeting the Thermostat Setting

Uh oh, this can be an obnoxious problem. But don’t fret, sometimes the issue is a simple fix.

Go ahead and first change out your system’s air filter. This is one of the most common sources of problems in AC units since customers don’t know they’re supposed to change it regularly. Then, head on over to your thermostat and check it.

Sometimes, people might not have realized that the thermostat setting was changed. Or, your thermostat could be set to heating instead of cooling mode, which means your AC isn’t going to run at all! Make sure you switch this back.

At the end of the day, if you still can’t fix it, your thermostat might be miscalibrated and that might require a professional appointment.

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