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The Basis Behind Ductless Maintenance

You’ve probably heard us mention a few times on this blog that ductless systems require maintenance twice a year. While it’s true, it’s a little unfair to request this of our customers if we don’t explain ourselves.

For instance, a regular central air conditioner only needs maintenance once a year. Same thing with a heating system like a gas furnace. So why do ductless systems and other heat pumps require maintenance biannually? Doesn’t that make a central AC more cost-effective?

Well, not really. This maintenance is required because ductless systems and other similarly-suited heat pumps do something that they don’t. That’s what we’ll be getting into today. Just make sure you’ve got our number on speed dial at the end of this blog, so you can schedule ductless AC maintenance in Melbourne, FL at your earliest convenience.

Heat Pump Technology: The Ins and Outs

Heat pumps are made with more impressive technology than standard air conditioning units. There are additional components like a “reversing valve” that’s in charge of switching the unit from heating to cooling mode (and vice versa). These components can also get worn down over time, and since you’re using your ductless mini splits more than you would a standard central AC, they need to be maintained more frequently.

Higher Efficiency, Better Comfort

Ductless AC units are actually one of the most energy-efficient units on the market. Think about it, most of the wasted cooling you get from standard AC systems comes from leaky air ducts or inefficient cooling.

A ductless mini split doesn’t use air ducts, which means all of the cool air it creates goes right to where you are. And, you can turn off the mini splits that aren’t needed in other areas of your home. This allows you to run at half capacity, but feel the full amount of comfort depending on how your day is looking.

Of course, this means those certain mini splits in rooms where you use them the most will need a lot of maintenance!

More Time Spent Working

Ductless heat pumps work for more of the year. They’re powerhouses in the spring, summer, fall, and even in the wintertime. This means they’re going to get worn down without maintenance very quickly.

Our HVAC service professionals will give you good recommendations of when to schedule maintenance and the status of your system so you know if it’s in good shape.

The Investment Cost Is Higher

Ductless air conditioning systems cost more to install than regular central air conditioners. This isn’t for no reason, they’re exceptionally good systems with superior efficiency levels and versatility. But that comes at the cost of some pretty high-tech equipment.

So, if this system ends up falling into disrepair over a few years, that’s a much larger waste of money than if a central AC or even a window AC unit fell into disrepair. More money is on the line.

Therefore, ductless AC maintenance is going to get more of an investment since you spent more money initially on this kind of system. Keeping it in good shape ensures that your money was well spent!

Contact Complete Air & Heat, Inc. to schedule maintenance today. Making families happy on the Space Coast since 1975.

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