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The Shoulds and Should Nots of AC

We wouldn’t say that there’s a “right way” to run your air conditioner, but there are definitely more energy-intensive ways you can use your technology. For instance, keeping a light on all day while you’re not in the room is what we would usually consider a waste of energy, even if it’s not that big of a deal when it happens once in a while.

With air conditioners, we tend to see homeowners using them in sub-optimal ways that can impact their budget, comfort, and even the components of the AC itself. AC repairs in Melbourne, FL can be a great way to have your system fixed or the efficiency increased, but during the hottest days of the year, any tip that can help your system perform optimally is going to go a long way!

So, let’s talk about what you should and shouldn’t do with your AC.

You SHOULD Compare Your Monthly and Yearly Utilities

Energy bills represent the amount of electricity your air conditioner is using to cool your home. So, they should be relatively consistent with average amounts of use. If you’re noticing any strange trends, or if you’re paying attention, you should be able to easily notice when something is wrong or too expensive, and call our team for help!

You SHOULD NOT Set the Temperature Too Low

There’s a good rule of thumb about setting your thermostat correctly on a hot day. Don’t set the thermostat lower than 20 degrees below the outside temperature. Realistically, there’s just no way your air conditioner is ever going to reach that point efficiently, and it might just end up running longer or working harder for minimal results if any. Do yourself a favor and keep things mild indoors, since you’ll still notice the major difference between your indoor air and the outdoor temperatures!

You SHOULD Try to Insulate Your Home

Many people assume that insulation is for northerners, and an efficient house in Florida is open to let all the amazing breezes through. While those breezes are definitely one of the perks of living here, the idea of not insulating your home isn’t necessarily a good one.

Insulation helps with homes in our area because they keep cooled air inside, where it would otherwise escape outdoors. Sometimes that beautiful Florida breeze just isn’t enough to keep you cool. And on humid days, you’ll be happy that your air conditioning isn’t leaking through cracks or gaps.

You SHOULD NOT Ignore Strange Noises

Strange noises are usually a way for your air conditioner to tell you that there’s something wrong. Even if the system is still working, it’s not working effectively if it’s making loud or uncomfortable noises while doing its job.

We are specialists in diagnosing issues and fixing them in record time. So, go ahead and call us so we can inspect your system, diagnose the problems, and get your home comfortable and secure again.

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