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HVAC Considerations for Your Four-Legged Companions 

If you have pets, they can have a major impact on how your HVAC system operates. After all, they are adding pet fur and dander that can get into your HVAC system. But when you keep up with regular homeowner maintenance, it’s easy to lessen the impact of pets on how your air conditioner or heater operates.

When you do need to schedule an appointment for HVAC repair in Rockledge, FL, our team is here to help. You can give us a call for any of your HVAC needs, big or small. You can also keep reading to learn more about the maintenance steps you can take to care for your HVAC system when you have pets.

Maintain a Clean Air Filter

Having one or more pets means that you are adding in dander and fur to your HVAC system’s filter. Inevitably, the air filter is more likely to get full faster than if you do not have pets. You may have to check your air filter sooner than usual. 

For example, if your air filter is rated to last for a month, you may want to look at it a week ahead of when you would need to change it to see if the filter is full. If so, go ahead and change it. It’s better to have a clean air filter in place than to wait the extra week and face the risk of a clogged air filter that blocks air flow into your HVAC system.

Vacuum and Dust

You can also take extra steps to keep up with vacuuming and dusting to reduce the amount of pet fur and dander around your home. Even with an excellent air filter in place, some dust, dander, and fur will inevitably make it into your HVAC system. But vacuuming and wiping down surfaces is an excellent way to reduce the number of particles present in your home to begin with.

Protect Your Unit from Pets

It’s also important to protect your indoor and outdoor units from your pets. This is often a lot easier inside since the indoor portion of your unit is tucked away in a closet. But your outdoor unit is exposed to pets and other animals. If you notice that your dogs are digging around the outdoor unit (or worst of all–have tried to urinate on it), you can invest in a small fence to place around the unit and block it from reach.

Prioritize Duct Inspections

We recommend that you have your ducts inspected and cleaned every 3-5 years. We take a look at your ducts every year during annual maintenance, but a more thorough inspection is necessary once in a while.

Particles that make it through your air filter can wind up inside your ductwork. Over time, these particles of dust and pet fur can build up to form a pretty significant layer inside your ductwork. Cleaning out these ducts every 3-5 years helps to improve your indoor air quality. With pets, you may have to schedule the service closer to the three-year mark than the five-year mark.

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