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Evaluating an AC Problem

Air conditioners are built to last, but lasting for a decade or more doesn’t come without a few hitches. There’s a good reason why professional AC repair in Melbourne, FL is common, and that’s due to the fact that components sometimes run into problems. We rely heavily on our air conditioners, so it only makes sense that after a few years, there’s something that needs to be fixed.

Well, that can be tough when you’re a homeowner with little to no experience with the interior components of your system. Also, the moment you open your air conditioning system up just to take a look at what the problem might be, you could be voiding your warranty and losing potential money in the future. So, what can you do?

Evaluating an AC problem from a homeowner’s perspective is tricky, but it can be done properly. Keep reading to learn how you can analyze the issue with your AC while figuring out what to do next.

3 Ways to Evaluate an Issue

In order to fully understand how your air conditioner is working, it’s important for homeowners to have the resources necessary to evaluate a problem. These three tips are designed to help you maximize the information you might get while minimizing the work you have to do. Remember, don’t try to fix anything yourself, we’re only trying to encourage people to pay close attention and take notes so that a professional knows what to do in a smaller amount of time.

Listen for Noises

Noises are an easy and obvious way for a person to detect that something is wrong with an air conditioner. For instance, a rattling system could be having a problem with a loose bolt or component, but it could also be dealing with a misaligned blower fan that’s rubbing up against its housing. Either way, sounds like rattling, shaking, grinding, and shrieking are all bad and require professional repairs.

Inspect the System

Take a good look around your system and check to see if anything is disconnected, broken, dented, or on the floor next to it. These are usually clear signs that something has gone wrong and they’re most likely contributing to the problem at hand.

Look at Efficiency and Performance

When you run your air conditioner, does it run up the energy bill to the point where it’s absurd? Or do you get frustrated often because the AC doesn’t perform as well as it should? If so, then these are clear signs that you’ll need to hire a professional for repairs.

Don’t Forget to Call for Help

Unfortunately, you’re just not going to get the solid answers by doing this work on your own that you would get when you call a professional. These are just preliminary things that could help ease your anxiety or give you more information when figuring out the next steps. These are not replacements for standard AC repairs.

So, once you’ve evaluated the damage and you think you’ve got a good idea of whether there’s an issue or not, be sure to call our team for a professional check-up.

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