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When Ducts Get Bad

Your air ducts are an essential part of your home comfort, unless you’ve got ductless mini splits. For any conventional central AC unit, furnace, or even a centralized heat pump, ducts comprise the network that will transport your cooled or heated air to the rooms of your home. Without ducts, you might just have one comfortable room in your home, and that’s stretching it.

The tricky part with ducts isn’t the necessity of them; most homes have air ducts. Things can get complicated when ducts fall apart. They don’t all break down at once, they usually go through years of neglect and wear and tear before they become barely usable. You could be dealing with an HVAC system that needs duct replacement in Melbourne, FL, or you could just be a great candidate for quick duct repairs.

Figuring out the difference is complicated, and that’s where we can help.

Wear and Tear: Signs of Faulty Ductwork

At a certain point, there are enough problems with your ductwork that you’ll need to get them replaced. This point can be kind of hazy because each budget, home, and situation will require a different solution. A team of professionals will be able to handle your unique request, but until then, we’d like to walk you through the signs of faulty ductwork.

Tally up the signs that are familiar by the end of this blog post. If you’re dealing with one or two–then call us for repairs. Any more than that, and you’ll want to schedule a duct replacement.

  • Poor comfort. The AC is blasting but the house still feels too hot. This can be a sign that cool air is leaking from your ductwork before it reaches your living space.
  • High energy or heating bills. Are you paying way too much for your heating or cooling bills without feeling very comfortable? This could also be a sign that your ducts are working against you, rather than with you.
  • Contaminants are in the air. When air ducts become leaky, they can allow contaminants to leak inside which can cause problems for your breathable air.
  • Hot or cold spots. Are you comfortable in one room, but uncomfortable in another? It seems like your AC is working fine, but the ducts just can’t transport that air effectively from one location to another. This can be a problem related to your ductwork.
  • Strange noises. When air ducts heat up or cool down, they expand and contract. Sometimes they can make noises, which are normal, but excessive noises can be a sign that your ducts are literally coming undone and are not sealed properly anymore. Follow the sounds and try to pinpoint them yourself, or use a professional to locate the source of the problem.

Don’t Ignore Your Ducts

Whether you need a quick repair or a total replacement, you won’t want to ignore your air ducts. These are vital parts of your home’s comfort system, and they’ll be integral if you’d like to feel comfortable in the foreseeable future.

Complete Air & Heat, Inc. has been making families happy on the Space Coast since 1975. Trust us to repair or replace your ducts.

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