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How a Heat Pump Can Help You

Here in Florida, it’s pretty rare for us to talk about heaters. Heck, we’re probably talking to customers more about air conditioners than we are about heaters in January. While all of this might be true, we’d be a pretty irresponsible HVAC contractor if we didn’t also talk to you about some of the important heating systems we service, and how they can help save you money if you’re in the market for one today.

Let’s face it, it might not get that cold in Florida, but it still gets nippy every once in a while. That’s why we’d like to mention heat pumps and their many advantages they have over other conventional heaters. In our mild climate, heat pumps are able to move heat from one location to another in a cost-effective manner. They might seem new to you, but they are one of our most popular HVAC services in Palm Bay, FL and they could be an incredibly efficient way for you to deal with the variety of temperatures we experience here.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient because they don’t generate their own heat. They simply move heat from one location (outdoors) to another location (indoors) which is a lot more energy efficient of a process. These energy costs can sometimes run higher in areas where temperatures are extremely low, but thankfully nobody here in Florida has to worry about that problem!

These systems move heat by using refrigerant in the same way your refrigerator would move heat. By cycling pressurized refrigerant from one area where it evaporates and draws heat, to another area where it condenses and deposits heat, a heat pump can effectively distribute heat into your home at a little cost.

The Reversing Valve

We haven’t even mentioned the best part about heat pumps! These systems also come with a reversing valve that’s connected to a switch, which allows the system to run in reverse. So why would you ever want your heat pump to run in reverse? Simple: for quality air conditioning during the summers!

That’s right, we kind of cheated a little bit when we said we’d be talking about heaters today since a heat pump functions both as a heater and an air conditioner. While this convenience is an amazing property of these devices, you can’t treat them like you would a normal heater or AC system. You’re going to want to remember that you’ll need two routine maintenance visits for this system each year because you’ll be using it all-year-round.

Get a Heat Pump Today

While we could keep talking about the energy benefits of a heat pump, the SEER rating, and the other interesting benefits that come from these kinds of systems, we wanted to make sure we gave you the most important bits of information first.

If you’re in the market for an efficient, low-energy way to heat and cool your home in the coming year, a heat pump could be perfect for you.

For anything related to heat pumps, call our team at Complete Air & Heat, Inc. today! We’ve been making families happy on the Space Coast since 1975.

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