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Common Heat Pump Issues and What They Mean

The best way to stay ahead of heat pump problems is to know what potential issues you may face and the signs of each one. Then you can give us a call for preventative heat pump service in Melbourne, FL before heat pump issues become too serious. 

You can keep reading to learn more about three common heat pump issues and the early signs of each one. If you notice any of these signs, give our team a call to schedule service sooner rather than later. Ignoring repair needs can lead to greater problems.

Electrical Issues

It is fairly common for a heat pump to have electrical issues. While electrical issues are concerning, they are also a normal part of the aging process when it comes to a heat pump. It’s an example of why regular heat pump maintenance is so important. When you prioritize annual maintenance, you give our team an opportunity to stay ahead of electrical issues and fix small problems all along before they become big problems. 

The wires attaching your heat pump to your home’s electrical panel heat up when electricity is running through them and then contract back down when electricity is not active. These fluctuations can cause the wires to loosen up from their connections. If left alone, wires can loosen up enough that they lead to electrical shorts and dangerous safety issues. 

Broken Reversing Valve

It’s also common for the reversing valve on a heat pump to get stuck in one position or the other with age. The reversing valve is what allows your heat pump to alternate between heating and cooling. It is a component that is completely unique to heat pumps. 

Sometimes our team can clean around the reversing valve and re-lubricate it to get it working again, but other times it needs to be replaced. Either way, it’s a problem that our team can fix so that your heat pump can work in both modes whenever you need it to. 

Poor Airflow

Airflow is another common issue that can impact heat pumps. If the air filter gets too full of dust and dirt, it can block airflow going into your heat pump. Without enough airflow coming in, your heat pump cannot heat or cool well enough to keep your home comfortable. Your heat pump may still operate without a strong output, or it may shut down before completing a heating or cooling cycle. 

It’s also possible to have poor airflow leading out as your heat pump. When this happens, the outdoor unit is usually dirty and needs to be hosed off with gentle water pressure. If the fins on the outdoor unit get clogged with debris and dirt, exhaust air cannot channel outside effectively. Exhaust air going outside effectively is just as important.

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