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Why an AC Upgrade Is a Great Idea

Central air conditioners are more powerful, more efficient, and more well-liked than window unit AC systems. They’re also more expensive, which can be a dealbreaker in cases where a customer has to choose.

We’re not going to convince someone to upgrade their air conditioning if it’s not a good idea. Some small apartments and tiny houses are perfectly well-suited for a window unit air conditioner, if you don’t mind the sun being blocked out of your favorite bedroom window. But many of our readers and customers are homeowners who have much more space that needs to be cooled.

When your whole family’s comfort is on the line, upgrading to a central air conditioner installation in Rockledge, FL is going to be a very smart move. We’ll go into detail about why these systems are so powerful and efficient and might end up actually saving you money down the line.

A Window AC Isn’t That Great

Window air conditioners work, that’s true. But they don’t work very well.

For instance, a window air conditioner is placed in a window which is the weakest point of insulation in the entirety of your house. Your room will basically have open windows that barely hold in the cold air that’s produced by the window unit.

Central air conditioners have an outdoor condenser but otherwise work inside of your home. This means that your doors and windows can be closed and sealed tight. This makes it harder for air conditioning to escape and allows your system to take a much-needed break every once in a while.

Central AC: Better Cooling for Less

Do you know why buses and trains are so efficient when compared to traveling via a car? It’s very simple really, these transportation methods can carry more people by using less gas or electricity. They might not be as comfortable (or as safe, depending on who is driving), but there’s no denying that they’re more energy efficient.

Central air conditioners are more similar to buses or trains, while window unit air conditioners are more like cars. A central AC will cool more air but do it all more efficiently. Your home can be a haven for your whole family when temperatures are high, because of the central AC’s ability to keep things comfortable throughout the entire space.

A window unit, on the other hand, will be stuck cooling only one room. You might be so frustrated with being unable to use certain rooms or areas of your home, that you ultimately ditch AC entirely and just spend the day somewhere else with central AC.

When to Make the Upgrade

So, when should you make the upgrade to a central AC unit? Here are a few reasons to get started.

  1. You’ve got some savings and your home desperately needs a way to deal with the yearly heatwaves. Investing in a central air conditioner now can be a huge boon for you in the future.
  2. Your window AC keeps breaking, or you keep replacing it. Don’t keep trying to replace an inferior system, instead save your money and upgrade.
  3. You’re just not happy with your window unit. This calls for a change of plans since a central air conditioner might actually make you and your family comfortable!

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