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What Is an Inverter AC?

Many of our customers or neighbors have been in a situation where they’re about to invest in an air conditioner, when they’re confronted with a question out of the blue. “Would you like an inverter air conditioner in Melbourne, or a standard central AC unit?”

This type of question has an answer, but unless you’re familiar with the technology, it might feel like you’re being put on the spot in that moment. Well, have no fear! This blog post is the place where you can learn about why inverter air conditioners are a separate category, and what type of homeowners might be better of with this type of system.

Inverter technology is not new, but it’s a huge step forward in terms of conventional AC efficiency. An inverter air conditioner might run more efficiently and save more power than a standard model, which is why it might be better for your next purchase.

Inverter Technology: How It Works

Have you ever used a 5-speed bicycle? This system’s gear shifting works similarly to an inverter drive inside of an air conditioner. When you pedal on the bicycle, it can be harder or easier depending on the incline or the power that’s needed to push the bike. The gear shifting system essentially allows a bike to run with larger or smaller gears controlling the bike, giving you the option of pedalling harder for slower speeds, but when going up a hill it can make it easier.

An inverter air conditioner can run at varying degrees of power so they can continue to cool your home efficiently. This often leads to a large amount of energy being saved, since inverter technology is better at keeping your home comfortable than a conventional system.

Conventional Cooling Technology

Conventional air conditioners run either at full power or not at all. This is why they use so much electrical energy, since it takes a lot of electricity to start up the cycle than it does to keep the system running. However, your home could get too cold, or you could use too much energy if the system keeps running all day. So, it shuts down once it reaches the point set on your thermostat, until it needs to cool things down again.

While this conventional AC method works, it’s not particularly efficient. For customers who want an air conditioner but don’t want to deal with the energy inefficiency, then they might want to look into inverter AC units.

Efficiency and Savings Down the Line

Inverter air conditioners are great for homeowners that use their AC quite a bit. If you’re just going to turn it on a few times when it’s hot out, then it won’t really make much of a difference, and the higher initial cost of the system might not be worth it.

However, if you’re relying on your air conditioner for weeks or even months at a time, (like many in our climate) then you might end up saving a lot of money with an inverter system.

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