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Taking the AC Out of Hibernation

We know that to many of our local customers, their air conditioners never really stopped working. We live in a unique climate, so we’re not talking about several months of hardware hibernation for your air conditioner while we rely on our heating systems. It’s mainly a single month, if at all.

But that being said, keeping your air conditioner off for even a week or longer is going to require some vigilance when you’re preparing to turn it back on. For instance, a bunch of critters could have created a nest in the system, or rocks and debris from the last storm could have become lodged in the vents and it might even require a repair.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about your air conditioning in Melbourne, FL unless you do a first pass and give us a call. So here’s a handy checklist with a focus on how you can take your system out of hibernation.

Check for Critters and Remove the Cover

First, remove the cover from your air conditioner’s outdoor cabinet if you have one. Otherwise, you can just skip that small part.

Look around the system thoroughly. Check the vents, and any areas with a little bit of space or give, since critters could have nested there. They could even be there right now if you’re not careful.

Critters, especially when they die or nest, can block up the air vents in your AC and do massive amounts of harm to your home’s efficiency and comfort.

Investigate Any Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can be very bad for your air conditioning system. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your system and it’s required for air conditioning to take place. Even a small amount leaking out, detectable through a hiss or bubble, is going to be a big problem for your home and budget.

Clean Around the System

Take an outdoor broom and try to sweep around the system. Or, you can use a rake if you need to push away leaves and debris. We recommend leaving about 2-3 feet of space around the system so that it has plenty of access to the air around it for venting.

Storm Damage Evaluation

We’ve had some pretty bad storms, so it’s always a good practice to check your system for damage. Sometimes flying debris in a storm with excessive winds can dent or hurt your air conditioner. Likewise, excessive flooding or damage to the ground could cause the system to be lopsided or have an internal problem that needs repair. The only solution to this kind of thing, aside from a professional repair, might be maintenance.

Invest in Maintenance

Does all of this sound too much? Or perhaps you’re okay with doing some of this work, but you’d also like a professional to take a closer and more thorough look at your air conditioning system. Then schedule an AC maintenance appointment today to get your system tuned up, fixed, adjusted, and ready for the cooling season ahead!

You can always contact Complete Air & Heat, Inc. Making families happy on the Space Coast since 1975.

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