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Don’t Falter, Change Your Filter!

There are a lot of rumors going around about what the air filter does inside of your air conditioner. While it is an important component of the cooling process, the air filter doesn’t do what many homeowners think it does—and this can cause some huge problems when it doesn’t get changed as often as it should.

We like writing about air filters because they’re a quick solution that can make your air conditioner function much more efficiently, without the need for an HVAC service professional. Air filters can be changed by homeowners and are often a great first step before calling a service professional for AC repair in Indiatlantic, FL.

However, knowledge is power, and in such a warm and humid climate like ours, it’s generally smart to know some information about how your air filter works and why changing it can be such a good idea.

The Part It Plays

The air filter in your AC has a specific role that it plays in the cooling process. Your AC draws in air that it then conditions through the use of a set of coils that are constantly running refrigerant through them. This is important, because the air that then gets dehumidified and cooled must pass through the most sensitive parts of the air conditioner.

Air that passes through your air conditioner with dust, debris, bugs, or any particles that are airborne need to be filtered out of your air before they enter the AC unit. Otherwise you’ll risk them clogging up your coils and reducing the effectiveness of your system. Clogged coils eventually can’t perform the cooling process, which will require some extensive repairs to fix.

This is where your air filter comes in! A clean filter will trap all airborne particles before they enter the sensitive insides of your air conditioner. This keeps the air clean for your AC system, while the air that comes out of your vents is a little bit cleaner too.

How to Change Your Filter

There are some important steps to remember here so that you don’t accidentally cause harm to your system.

  1. You’re going to need to know ahead of time where the filter is located on your air conditioner before you start anything. Many are located in the return vent, where air enters your air conditioners. For those who have a ductless air conditioning system, the filters can be located in the air handlers themselves.
  2. Make sure you know whether you can clean your air filter and put it back, or if your system’s filters are disposable. Disposable air filters will require a brand new one, where some air filters just need to be washed or wiped down before being put back in.
  3. Fit your air filter in the right way, making sure the arrows line up with the direction of airflow. Since this is where the air will be entering your system, you’ll want it to face toward the AC, not toward your home. Think of this as parking a car on a one-way street: it must always face the right direction.

If you run into any problems changing your filter, or need further assistance, call Complete Air & Heat, Inc. today! Making families happy on the Space Coast since 1975.

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