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3 Tips to Make Furnace Repair Easy

Furnaces can be essential to your home comfort during the chilly winter nights, but it doesn’t have to be such a difficult experience getting it fixed. Sometimes, customers will wait days, weeks, or even months to call for furnace repair in Satellite Beach, FL just because of the stress that could come from it.

First, we want to say that we understand where this feeling comes from. HVAC contractors in the past have tacked on obnoxious fees, upsold customers on new equipment they don’t need, and sometimes just weren’t as friendly as they could have been. We’re here to change that one customer at a time.

So, we’d like to give you three tips that can help make your next furnace repair a lot easier than it’s been in the past. Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you can call us without any reservations.

1. Do What You Can on Your Own

We understand that customers want to be handy, DIY experts if they can. DIY work can save you money, and avoids labor costs that would otherwise be paid to someone else. The tricky part is figuring out which work can be done on your own, and what should be avoided at all costs.

On your own, you can clean the outside of your heating system, unblock your port exhaust if it’s getting clogged, and even change the air filter on a regular basis. To be honest, these tasks can go a long way toward ensuring that your furnace works properly for the foreseeable future. But they’re not everything.

Once you start opening up the furnace or even touching the burners or gas lines, you’re in a situation where things can get dangerous and expensive. Anything having to do with the sensitive interior components of your furnace should be addressed by a professional.

2. Comfort Is Worth the Cost

Many customers will just brave the cold for a month or so until it warms up again. This is especially true for our little community on the beach here in Florida. But the cost of avoiding repairs might actually be more expensive than getting them now.

Having an uncomfortable or cold home can cost money in different ways that you’re not expecting. You might eat out at restaurants or fast food chains more because you’re uncomfortable trying to cook or eat dinner at home. Maybe you’re driving to other people’s houses more often, spending more money on gas just to be able to live comfortably in a warm house.

These costs all add up, and you might just be better off putting all of that money toward fixing your furnace.

3. Call Soon for Repairs

Waiting until the last second to call for repairs can ultimately be more expensive than calling for them right off the bat.

Problems can compound in your furnace, especially if the system continues to work while having an issue. This means that a technician might have to fix two or three problems, each caused by another, which takes more time and costs more money. Do yourself a favor and call for repairs the moment you detect an issue.

Contact Complete Air & Heat, Inc. for furnace repairs you can count on. Making families happy on the Space Coast since 1975.

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