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AC or Heat Pump? Choosing the Solution for You

Technically speaking, a heat pump is a type of air conditioner, but we’re going to drop that idea for this blog post. Conventional, central air conditioners are a different type of system than heat pumps. There are a variety of reasons to get either system, and we’re here to tell you that it all depends on your home situation.

Would you tell someone that a pool table is better than a ping pong table? There’s no right or wrong answer to that kind of conundrum. It depends on what sport you like to play the most! Air conditioners are similar in that they function differently and they cost different amounts depending on your cooling habits. If you’re looking for air conditioning installation options, then you’re going to have to approach it from that angle.

Don’t worry, relax, and take a deep breath. We’ll help you through this if you just keep reading.

The Big Difference

Not everything in this blog post will apply to you. You might only care about one or two parts of the cooling process, and that’s fine! The important thing is that you make an informed decision when you decide on your next air conditioning system. Pay close attention to the differences between these two systems and decide for yourself after consulting with a professional for AC installation.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners have been around for decades. They’re the staple—the gold standard—of air conditioning, and that’s for a good reason. They cool your home reliably and affordably. There’s not much better than that.

If you just want a simple yet effective cooling solution for your home, then a central air conditioner can be the perfect system for you. They’re some of the most affordable models on the market and they work exceptionally well at bringing cooled air into a home. Central AC systems are always getting more efficient with new technological advancements, which means you also get access to high SEER ratings when you invest in a new one. If affordability and reliable cooling are your main priorities, then a central air conditioner can be the perfect system for your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps function similarly to central air conditioners to the point that we also call them AC systems. Heat pumps use refrigerant to pump cool air into your home in the exact same fashion as a central AC system does—with one huge exception. Heat pumps can function in reverse, which means exactly what you think it does. Heat pumps are a cooling and heating solution for your home.

In climates like ours with mild winters, heat pumps function incredibly well at providing energy-efficient heat when temperatures start to drop. They can consistently provide comfort at low prices due to their efficient process of drawing heat out of the air instead of creating it by burning fuel like a furnace. So, if you’re in the market for efficiency and both a heating and cooling system, it might be time to invest in a heat pump!

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