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3 Signs That Your HVAC Ductwork is in Bad Shape

Your ductwork plays a major role in how well your air conditioner is able to cool your home down. As we head into the hottest month of summer, you definitely want to make sure that your ductwork is up to the task of helping to keep your home comfortable.

Otherwise, you may be left with high energy bills and a home that is less comfortable than you would like. Just give our team a call to schedule an appointment for duct repair in Satellite Beach, FL. You can also keep reading to learn more about three of the signs that indicate you need to schedule repair service for your ductwork.

Dusty Surfaces

You may be noticing that dust buildup on your surfaces more quickly than usual. It’s completely normal to have to wipe down shelves and tables once in a while due to dust buildup. But if you’re wiping down surfaces and finding a layer of dust again within a week or two, that’s a red flag.

The most likely culprit is dirty ductwork that is damaged and letting excessive amount of dust and dirt into the clean air coming from your air conditioner. The cool air stirs up dust and it mixes in with the clean air to blow out through your vents with each cooling cycle. 

Poor Airflow

Another contributing factor that can point to damaged ducts is a lack of airflow coming from vents. This problem can be exclusive to one or two rooms in your home or it can affect your entire house if the damage is bad enough.

As your ductwork ages, the joints can come apart and allow cool air to escape, while warmer is filtering into the ducts from your attic or basement. This combination means that less cool air is reaching the walls of your home. Airflow is usually weak and may also be lukewarm instead of specifically cool.

High Energy Costs

The two problems listed above can also mean that your energy costs creep up. Aside from cool air, escaping and making your air conditioner, work harder, dust buildup can also interfere with airflow. All of these factors are working together against AC efficiency.

Your energy costs may be creeping up, slowly, where you may notice a single spike that then stays high for months in a row. This happens because your air conditioner has no clue that the ductwork is damaged. Your thermostat reads the indoor air temperature in it too high due to a lack of cooling, so your air conditioner is working for longer, and even possibly working harder, and then attempt to produce results.

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